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Author: Shelly

Ok, so all life carrying craft are traditionally female, but The Squire, The Count and The Laird are named with masculine titles. And don’t they look handsome in their beautiful blue coats? We are pleased that they are popular and already on their way investigating the British Waterways.

Sometimes you may want to try a completely different life and escape from the rat race. Perhaps go completely off grid and give yourself time to relax away from all the political dramas that continue to dominate lives. A few months afloat may even see us awake after Brexit! Who knows. What we can be sure of is that the stunning countryside will still be here to explore and we are delighted to welcome people from England, The British Isles, Europe, Asia, Africa Australia, New Zealand, America… yes you name it we’d be delighted to welcome you aboard! Life afloat is set at a different pace, allowing you to unwind and slow down to an enjoyable pace cruising your boat wherever you like.

If you think that you want to sell up and live aboard, then hiring for a few months with us may answer all your questions. If you have just retired and want a complete change for a while (but still want to be able to see the grandchildren occasionally), come aboard. If you want to tour Britain, but want an adventure that doesn’t involved carting your luggage from hotel to hotel, then this is ideal!

We have been enjoying the Canal Boat Diaries documentary currently showing on the BBC. If you would like to get a real taste for life afloat and all the wonderful characters you may meet then catch up on BBC iPlayer (available for the next 28 days).

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • November 25, 2019

Introducing our most recent member of the fleet, “The Count”, which joins our other two narrowboats The Squire and The Laird.

The Count is a 56ft standard layout narrowboat with the bedroom at the back of the boat, and the kitchen and dining area at the bow. There is a huge lounge with dining table and armchairs making a long term hire aboard this narrowboat a comfortable and homely experience. We are currently refitting the count ready for November, so if you are interested in hiring any of the fleet please do email us or fill in the contact form.

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • October 11, 2019

Living aboard any moving home allows you to explore much further. Be it a camper van or canal boat, you have the freedom to travel to new places and experience the beauty and individuality of each place before moving on. Unlike a camper van, being aboard a narrowboat gives you a totally different aspect of life. You can moor up anywhere you find space and so don’t need to locate a campsite. Then you are ready to explore.

On a normal holiday afloat you would probably spend a week travelling perhaps 30 or 40 miles, and then returning to your hire base. A lovely break but sometimes you are not ready to go home! If you fancy seeing much more of our wonderful country then hiring longterm is an ideal way to achieve this without all the hassle and cost of buying your own boat. And what an adventure you could have! From the beauty of the Llangollen in Wales, across to Chester, down to Stratford, through Oxfordshire, all around London, along the Great West Way starting at Windsor and travelling to Bath and Bristol…. basically if it’s on the connected waterways you could go!

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • September 26, 2019

Introducing our latest addition to the fleet, The Laird, which will be cruising the waterways in early 2020 with its beautiful new paintwork. The photo below shows the Laird’s spacious cruiser stern but please follow the link to see all the information about our latest member of the Long Term Narrowboat Fleet.

Cruiser stern

The Squire remains popular, so much so that we decide to add to this fleet and acquired The Laird so that more people can live their dream and try the life ablaut for a while. Much interest comes from ex-pats who would like to return to England for a few months but not have to constantly impose on friends and family, or travel form hotel to hotel.

If you are thinking of hiring a boat for a while I would be delighted to chat to you about your plans and see if hiring with us would begin your adventure. Contact us for further discussions!

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • August 28, 2019

Many people ask “Do I have to return the boat to Heyford?”. Well we now have the option of renting The Squire ONE WAY for ONE MONTH, allowing you to travel between Heyford and Bradford on Avon, without having to do the return trip! Minibus transfer included to bring you back to your starting location and free car parking whilst you are on holiday with us.

This is ideal for EXPATS and visitors from abroad wanting to cruise England and have their own place for a while.

A very adventurous holiday with 100 locks over 100 miles of cruising.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about One Way Hire, or would like to discus renting the Squire for longer.

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • May 3, 2019

The Squire has been completely repainted and looks perfect, inviting you inside to view the rest of the makeover. Looking stunning in the classic blue with white sign-writing, a crisp and stylish look for our long term rental narrowboat.

If you are thinking of living aboard permanently and want to try out the lifestyle to confirm your decision, or if you would like to travel the British Waterways for a few months, then this is the ideal opportunity. If you are on holiday in England and would like your own mobile base on the water, instead of a camper van, then a longer hire of The Squire may be just what you need!

Many South Africans, Australians and New-Zealanders come on narrowboat holidays in the UK, but sometimes a week or two is not enough. To really enjoy the variation in seasons and meander through the ever changing British landscapes, a month or longer aboard The Squire will allow you to relax with your own cruising-base.

To discuss your plans or for a better idea of a long term holiday rental then please contact us for more information.

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • March 11, 2019

Today the sun has come out and so The Squire has had her first photoshoot! Looking forward to uploading the new photos of the completed boat.

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • February 14, 2019

We have been busy giving the Squire a full make-over and refit! New seating and flooring throughout. Fully licensed and all safety checks complete. Ready for her first hire in March!

  • Posted by : Shelly
  • February 4, 2019

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