Living aboard any moving home allows you to explore much further. Be it a camper van or canal boat, you have the freedom to travel to new places and experience the beauty and individuality of each place before moving on. Unlike a camper van, being aboard a narrowboat gives you a totally different aspect of life. You can moor up anywhere you find space and so don’t need to locate a campsite. Then you are ready to explore.

On a normal holiday afloat you would probably spend a week travelling perhaps 30 or 40 miles, and then returning to your hire base. A lovely break but sometimes you are not ready to go home! If you fancy seeing much more of our wonderful country then hiring longterm is an ideal way to achieve this without all the hassle and cost of buying your own boat. And what an adventure you could have! From the beauty of the Llangollen in Wales, across to Chester, down to Stratford, through Oxfordshire, all around London, along the Great West Way starting at Windsor and travelling to Bath and Bristol…. basically if it’s on the connected waterways you could go!