Ok, so all life carrying craft are traditionally female, but The Squire, The Count and The Laird are named with masculine titles. And don’t they look handsome in their beautiful blue coats? We are pleased that they are popular and already on their way investigating the British Waterways.

Sometimes you may want to try a completely different life and escape from the rat race. Perhaps go completely off grid and give yourself time to relax away from all the political dramas that continue to dominate lives. A few months afloat may even see us awake after Brexit! Who knows. What we can be sure of is that the stunning countryside will still be here to explore and we are delighted to welcome people from England, The British Isles, Europe, Asia, Africa Australia, New Zealand, America… yes you name it we’d be delighted to welcome you aboard! Life afloat is set at a different pace, allowing you to unwind and slow down to an enjoyable pace cruising your boat wherever you like.

If you think that you want to sell up and live aboard, then hiring for a few months with us may answer all your questions. If you have just retired and want a complete change for a while (but still want to be able to see the grandchildren occasionally), come aboard. If you want to tour Britain, but want an adventure that doesn’t involved carting your luggage from hotel to hotel, then this is ideal!

We have been enjoying the Canal Boat Diaries documentary currently showing on the BBC. If you would like to get a real taste for life afloat and all the wonderful characters you may meet then catch up on BBC iPlayer (available for the next 28 days).