Although the traditional Holiday Hire companies close for business over winter, here at Long Term Narrowboat Hire we hire all year – through all the seasons. Yes the winter months are colder in Britain, but if you are wanting a taste of real life aboard then this is the perfect way try it out. Hire in the colder months much lower than in the summer. All the boats have central heating and log burners so you can keep your boat as warm as you want it!

The canal can freeze if the temperate falls low enough for long enough, but usually defrosts quickly. You may be iced in for a day or so, just as you might get snowed in, but this is real boating. The canals are so very peaceful at this time of year. If you need to slow down and find yourselves again, this could be the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Thinking os a life afloat? Contact us to discuss your plans and we will help steer you along your way!