Autumn 2020 has just seen the arrival of two new narrowboats to the Long Term Fleet. The Earl, following our “boys in blue” tradition of titled vessels and then Twoflower who is so aptly named after the Terry Pratchett character.

You may wonder why we haven’t renamed Twoflower in line with the others in the long term fleet. We liked the name and the story behind it so much that we have decided to keep this anomaly. Let me take you to the world of Terry Pratchett and meet Twoflower, who gives us a special view of the Discworld from the eyes of a tourist.

Twoflower is a native of the Agatean Empire, on the Counterweight Continent, where he works as an “inn-sewer-ants” clerk, and is the first tourist ever on the Discworld. After his return, he wrote “What I Did on My Holidays”.

Terry Pratchett has long been one of my favourite authors and I’m delighted that this tourist has become part of our holiday fleet.