Choose from our private owner-styled narrowboats, The Squire, The Laird, The Count, The Earl and The Marquess all carefully crafted to offer a perfect long term cruising experience for two, or more.

Whilst aboard you have sole occupancy of and responsibility for the boat. We’ll show you through your boat and all of its equipment. Maps and guides are provided as well as buoyancy aids, navigation equipment etc.

All of our boats have solid fuel fires and full central heating, washing machine, microwave and toaster from a full 240V system. Solar panels and LED lighting ensure that your environmental footprint is minimised with hardly any engine running required in summer months when you’re not cruising.

Our boats are fully licensed and insured with a current commercial boat safety certificate. Full breakdown cover is available. Comprehensive cruising tuition is provided (including on-board practical boating training for the first few hours) allowing you to feel confident to venture forth and discover our wonderful waterways.

Our boats are based at Heyford Wharf on the South Oxford Canal – ideal for cruising the Southern and Midlands waterways – or even further if you hire for three or more months. Your boat needs to be returned to Lower Heyford at the end of the hire in as clean and tidy condition as it was hired to you.

Whilst the Covid 19 pandemic and its social effects remain with us we regret that we cannot provide any bedding, linen, or dishwashing kit. We ask you to arrange to buy/bring your own. Just as soon as the pandemic has fully passed we shall return to provision of these items. (Cutlery, crockery, glassware and cookware will remain available)